How to Save the World from Mass Tourism

Check out this great article by The Well-Travelled Postcard on just how important it is to #BeSureOnTour

The Well-Travelled Postcard

It’s August and much of Europe has hit the pause button while everyone heads off on their holidays. August is normally a quiet ‘silly news’ month, but this year it seems to be tourism itself that’s in the headlines. Firstly there was the terrorist attack in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, which killed 13 people and was no doubt designed to target tourists for maximum impact on the international community.

         Secondly, there’s the ‘tourismophobia’ movement that I’m hearing more and more about – locals who are protesting against the influx of tourists who descend on their hometowns and forever change their communities’ atmospheres and compositions. Certain destinations are reducing the number of hotel beds they allow, others are installing ticketing systems to regulate crowds in popular public squares.

         We travellers and tourists all need to have a hard long think about the destinations we…

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