Top 5 Tips for First-time Cruisers

It’s pretty fair to say that Aussies are becoming obsessed with cruises. And with one in 10 Australians going on a cruise in 2016, there’s a big chance you might find yourself on one at least once in your lifetime.

Escape Travel’s stats on how Australians cruised in 2016.

It’s not hard to understand why cruising is becoming so popular for many Australians. Going on a cruise allows you to see many destinations at a much cheaper price than say, an international trip. They provide guests with endless entertainment (with some ships even including skydiving simulators and robot bartenders!), plenty of food and drinks, and heaps of activities for you to enjoy.

It’s also not hard to go overboard and ruin your first cruise experience by not being prepared, so here are our 5 tips for first-time cruisers.


Book through a Travel Agent

Unless you are 100% certain that the company advertising a 60% off sale is legit, or you already know which ship and which destinations you intend to visit, then it is probably best to consult your Travel Agent.

They’ll be able to tell you which cruise is right for you – as some are more family friendly, or adults-only etc…. depending on the type of trip you’re after – as well as what time of year it is best to set sail.


Go on a mini cruise

So that you can get a feel for what a cruise is really like, book a quick weekend getaway before you commit to a monster month-long cruise.

You might find you can’t deal with the seasickness, or are petrified by the wild weather that you can sometimes find yourself in the middle of while on a cruise, so instead of wanting to go home on your first night, be prepared.


Do your research

Once you’ve booked your trip, it doesn’t mean your research has to end.

  • Buy insurance!
  • Read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on the website of your chosen company if you’re unsure about anything.
  • Actually read the daily newsletter that gets delivered to your room, as it will give you a run down of everything that is going on on-board – including activities and food specials.
  • Pack according to the ship’s itinerary – there might be a Hawaiian themed night and you don’t want to be the only person who didn’t bring a shirt.


Don’t go overboard

Obviously we don’t literally mean overboard the ship in general. Just don’t go crazy with the food and drinks as you could be in for a rude shock at the end of your holiday. You might have thought food and beverages were all-inclusive, but the massive bill at the end of your trip will definitely put an end to your holiday high. Look into whether things like drinks packages are offered on-board, and never be afraid to ask!


And finally, relax!

Turn your phone off (unless you want a huuuuge data bill, you won’t have signal anyway), get involved and do everything you normally would on a land-based trip. Don’t forget that you’re actually on holiday and that there is so much to actually do on a ship!




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